Out of Gas Policy

Lakeland Cooperative would like to inform you of our policy for servicing customers who run out of gas.  We are in business to service you and provide a safe environment for both your family and our employees. Unfortunately, we realize there may be times when you unexpectedly run out of gas.  This can create an unsafe environment for both you and our delivery drivers especially if these emergency deliveries occur late at night.  In addition, as a condition of insurability, our insurance carrier requires us to enforce the following out of gas policy:


If you experience a situation when you run out of gas, you should:

            1.         Close the service value on the propane storage tank

            2.         Shut off all appliance valves.

            3.         Call Lakeland Cooperative propane department immediately


It is imperative that you are home so we can check the entire gas system for leaks and light all pilots.  If we arrive and no one is home, we WILL NOT fill your tank.  The driver will leave an “Out of Gas” tag, instructing you to call us.  The return trip could result in an additional charge.


The following is a list of charges for Out of Gas situations:


            1.         Customers on the Scheduled Delivery or Budget Programs: NO CHARGE!

            2.         Customers on the Call In Program, COD or any customers with delinquent account balances:

                                    $75.00   For Pressure check/leak test

                                    $100.00 Delivery charge if called in after 12:00 pm Monday-Friday or on weekends.

                                    FEES DUE AT TIME OF DELIVERY


The primary motivator for this policy is for your safety and that of your family.  We thank you in advance for helping to avoid an Out of Gas situation.



Lakeland Cooperative

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